Power system protection module

Protection and Automation Software

ESMOgrid Protection and Automation Software dedicated for the calculation and coordination of relay protection and automation settings. The software provides a standard medium-voltage relay protection functions also as fuse characteristics of different manufacturers. Software involves low-voltage fuses and mini circuit breakers characteristics. Software asses sensitivity of the protections function automated, also as displays selected protections in selectivity chart. Protection functions are fully converted to different voltage level.

Protection functions

  • Current transformer selection
  • Overcurrent protection characteristics:
    DT; NI,VI,EI;
  • Directional overcurrent protection
  • Residual current protection:
    For insulated neutral network;
    Compensated neutral network;
    High resistance grounded network;
    Directional residual current protection;
    Non directional current;
  • Negative sequence current
  • Voltage protection:
    Minimum voltage;
    Maximum voltage;
  • 0,4kV fuse standart models
  • 0,4kV mini circuit breaker and high current range (>100A) circuit breaker characteristics
  • Medium voltage (6-35 kV) fuse characteristics

Protection and Automation software features

  • Protection coordination in different voltage level networks: 0,4kV; 6kV; 10kV; 20kV; 35kV; 110kV; 220kV; 330kV; 400kV and etc
  • Protection function characteristics coordination with fuse characteristics
  • User defined fuse characteristics
  • User defined circuit breaker characteristics
  • Protection settings manual correction
  • Automated sensitivity calculation,indication
  • Selectivity chart for protections in multiple voltage levels