About ESMOgrid BETA

Evaluate Simulate Manage Optimize the Grid Anywhere

ESMOgrid is the first online Power flow simulation program for intelligently designing, analyzing and monitoring electrical power systems. All you need is internet connection, smartphone, laptop or other device with ability to browse the web.


No contracts, no hidden fees

This software is created by the group of engineers working in the field of power system simulation innovation. The goal is to create advanced technologies and applied solutions for the power systems industry.


Provide feedback and get 10 extra buses

This BETA version is free of charge until 2016 04 31.

We would be grateful if you filled out our feedback form. Providing your feedback will increase your bus limit from 10 to 20. Click here to register free now.



ESMOgrid is powerful tool for:

  • Calculating complex power flow
  • Calculating Harmonics currents and voltages
  • Calculating short circuits
  • Coordinating protection devices (releasing soon)



With EGMOgrid BETA you can make calculations up to ten 10 buses and make schemes.