New update of ESMOGrid was released on 23th of August

Renewed ESMOGrid now offers even more functionality with improved and modern graphical user interface that ensures much more efficient system modeling from any device with internet connection. Now with ESMOGrid you can perform the most important electrical power systems calculations, analogical to those performed by expensive power systems modeling programs, however, ESMOGrid offers you an[…]

What is power factor and why it needs to be improved?

In AC power systems along with active power there is always reactive power. Reactive power is either generated or consumed by system elements that have inductive or capacitive reactance (transformers, generators, motors, capacitors, transmission or distribution lines and others). While reactive power is important for some of these elements to operate, it also causes power losses[…]

Overcurrent protection coordination and protection sensitivity

The protection coordination task requires protection sensitivity checks. For over-current protection, sensitivity is the relation of fault and protection pick-up currents. However, over-current protection sensitivity highly depends on fault type: three phase, two phase, phase to ground, two phase and ground fault. Phase currents during a ground fault differ from phase currents during phase to phase faults. For that purpose[…]